George T. Delacorte Jr. started the company with $10.000, two employees and one magazine called 'I Confess', which was soon followed by pulp magazines. During the 1920s - 1940s Dell Publishing was one of the largest magazine publishers. From 1938-1962 they published comics under their imprint name of Dell Comics, most of which were done in partnership with Western Publishing. They started paperback book publishing in 1943 with their new imprint called Dell Paperbacks. Their imprint line grew and they started bringing out books under the names of: Dial Press, Delacorte Books, Yearling Books and Laurel Leaf Library.

Dell Publishing were bought out and are now part of the Bantam Dell Publishing Group of Random House. They are still using some of the imprints Dell Publishing started. Dell magazines was sold in 1997. To this day it still publishes puzzle, mystery, horoscope and science fiction magazines.